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Thank You for downloading FoksMarx recolorLE.

  • The download archive includes a full and unrestricted copy of our free recolorLE filter plugin.
  • Switch the plugin into demo mode to try out our fully featured commercial filter recolorST.

Download the zip archive here:

the alternative version icomes with a german help file:

While You download please read this important information:

  • recolorLE is a feature reduced but nonetheless fully functional version of our commercial recolorST plugin filter. You may use recolorLE for free for any of your graphics works both private and professional.
  • Still it requires a license file to be fully functional.
    Visit the registration page to receive your personalized license via email.
  • Installation of recolorLE is easy. Simply copy the contents of the zip archive into the plugins folder of your photoshop compatible plugin host application. After a restart of the program the filter will be available in the plugin menu as
    FoksMarks > recolorLE.
Andreas Sumerauer 2008  contact: