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face retouch

It was a freezing cold winter day. And my nose was nearly as red as Rudolphs....

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color contrast enhancement

The example picture shows a renaissance carving at a period building in the medieval town of Goslar. The aim was to refresh the colors of the painting while keeping the background colors unprocessed.

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removing color stains with recolorST 

recolorST lets you finish the task with minimal damage to the image. You will find that the undesired coloration can be removed completely while the paper grain and the fine detail of the engraving remain virtually untouched.

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further tutorials will soon be available

autumn leaves in spring

Here we preserved those shades of green that are similar to the image palette. Only the differing colors were stained in red. The result is a very realistic texturizing of the autumn leaf.


aging of a photographic image

For this example we took the sepia palette from an original old photograph. The extracted tone was then applied onto the source image. A small amount of bleaching helped to enhance the contrast and made the resulting image look slightly overexposed.

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