removing color stains with recolorST
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create a reference palette

open the foxmarksST plugin. The Filter includes a set of predefined palettes that can be applied on the image.

The current task however requires a custom palette. Hit the [get] button and it will be created.

make sure that the palette [mask] selector is set to [within] because we want only the colors from within our selection to be included as palette colors.

You will find that only the upper half of the originally grayscale palette display has been replaced by the new palette.

recolorST is able to work with two different palettes. The colors of the first [compare] palette are used to identify those image regions that are going to be processed while the colors of the second [apply] palette are applied onto the selected regions.

The desired stain removal requires the same palette at both steps. Check the single button from the [palette] selector to write the user palette over the entire palette display.

The new palette is named user temp indicating that it is only available temporarily. This palette will disappear when another temporary palette is created. It is also not available when the plugin is reloaded.

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