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Andreas Sumerauer releases recolorST and recolorLE

Two new Adobe Photoshop compatible plugins open up a new efficient and intuitive way to selectively modify and adjust the color contrast in digital images.

Goslar, Germany – May 24, 2008 – Andreas Sumerauer today announced the availability of his recolorST and recolorLE Photoshop compatible plugins.


FoksMarx recolorST provides a novel approach to editing object colors and color contrast in digital images. It is equally well suitable for image correction as for creative image manipulation. The plugin can be used for so different tasks as color equalization, color enhancement or the removal of color stains and bleaches.

Despite its versatility recolorST is still a very accessible tool. Only a few sliders that deliver predictable results are required to do the work.

recolorST uses statistical methods to rescale the fader sensitivity whenever a new palette is created or loaded. This ensures that the fader scale always reflects the editable color range for any given source material.

Key Features

recolorST blends or replaces the colors of the edited region with those of a chosen color scale palette. The same or a different palette can be used to determine which parts of the image are being processed.

Palettes can be extracted from a sample region or from the entire image. Additionally a choice of predefined color scales is provided with the plugin.

"Our sophisticated color matching algorithm allows to seamlessly dissolve darker or brighter color spots into the surrounding image." said Andreas Sumerauer. "This makes it possible for example to apply a face retouch without any of the commonly used ‘surgical’ methods where undesired parts of the skin need to be painstakingly replaced one by one with bits of the appropriate color.
recolorST on the other hand allows for a much less intrusive and therefore less time consuming workflow. Regions that need editing are selected automatically through evaluation of the color contrast. The result of the process can be made to look very much like a light makeup: The identified decoloration is smoothed out with just a few fader movements. At the same time the original texture of the object is preserved completely."

Sample Applications

  • Enhancing an objects color contrast with the background can be used to emphasize the main subject of an image.
  • Distracting details are embedded within the image background through color equalization.
  • recolorST can give your portrait model a perfect face makeup: skin imperfections and color spots are easily removed using the plugin.
  • recolorST is used in archives to recreate the original look of historic prints and documents that have suffered from moisture or fungal decay.


FoksMarx recolorLE is a feature reduced free version of the commercial recolorST plugin filter. recolorLE uses the same color matching technology as the fully featured recolorST plugin. While it lacks some of the advanced features like dual palette processing it still is a fully functional plugin filter that can be used freely for both private and professional purposes.

Pricing and Availablility

recolorST is affordably priced at EUR 24 while recolorLE is distributed as unrestricted freeware. Both plugins are exclusively available by electronic download from the manufacturers website

System Requirements

recolorST and recolorLE can be seamlessly integrated within a great number of compatible host applications including Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, PhotoPaint, PhotoPlus, and PhotoImpact.
Both plugins are currently only available for the windows platform.

About Andreas Sumerauer

Andreas is a freelance artist and multimedia author. After having served electronic music studios for more than a decade with highly acclaimed sampling libraries and VST plugins he has now expanded his scope of activity to creating tools for the graphics arts community. recolorST and recolorLE are the first fruits of this new venture.


Andreas Sumerauer
Baeringerstr. 14
38640 Goslar

Tel.: +49 5321 43436

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