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FoksMarx recolorLE is a feature reduced free version of our commercial recolorST plugin filter.

recolorLE uses the same color matching technology as the fully featured recolorST plugin. It lacks some of the advanced features like dual palette processing. Still it is a fully functional plugin filter that you can use for both your private and professional graphics work.

Check the comparison table to find out which version is right for you.

comparison table  recolorLE recolorST
palette processing modes single 1. single
2. dual - compare/apply
user definable palettes
1 + 1 1 + 6
selection based on pixel intensity (lightness) No intensity range freely selectable
colors included for processing differing colors only 1. differing colors
2. similar colors
fade range 0 ... 50 0 ... 200
writes outside selection mask No Yes
rendering modes blend of image and palette colors
1. blend
2. palette colors exclusively
price free order
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