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recolorST is the perfect tool for editing the color contrast of your images. It can be used for so different tasks as color equalization, color enhancement, removal of color stains and bleaches and even for artistic color effects.

As a Photoshop filter plugin it can be integrated in a great number of compatible host programs.

recolorST provides a variety of predefined palettes that can be applied in varying amounts onto an existing image.
Additional user palettes can be custom created to fulfill special tasks or to broaden the available choice of color palettes.

Example Applications

  • Enhancment of an objects color contrast with the background can be used to emphasize the main subject of the image.
  • Distracting details are embedded effectively within the image background by simple color equalization.
  • recolorST can give your portrait model a perfect face makeup: skin imperfections and color spots are easily removed using the plugin.
  • recolorST is used in archives to recreate the original look of historic prints and documents that have suffered from moisture or fungal decay.

To get an idea of what is possible visit the tutorials page. We have prepared number of detailled step by step guides that illustrate typical example applications.

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